Trial Materials Management

Accelerated Pharmaceutical Performance™

Trial Materials and External Vendor Management

ClinDev Global can assist your trial management team with day-to-day management of clinical trial supplies and external vendors. We can coordinate/track trial materials such as:

  • Investigational product;
  • Specialized laboratory kits;
  • CRF binders;
  • Laboratory specimens;
  • Paper questionnaires; and,
  • Cold Chain Management

Cold Chain Management

ClinDev Global can also manage the cold chain process for your investigational product.

Our cold management team can ensure that all temperature deviations (onsite and during shipping) are processed promptly and accurately which protects the integrity of your study and the safety of your subjects.

An added benefit of effective cold chain management is a reduction in your investigational product costs as excess investigational product shipments are minimized.

ClinDev Global also can advise on systems and processes for properly monitoring and auditing cold chain for your investigational product.

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