Patient Recruitment & Diversity

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Patient Recruitment

Patient recruitment continues to be a bottleneck for many studies; resulting in significant costs for Sponsors.

ClinDev Global’s group of experienced recruitment advisers can assist your study management team in crafting customized solutions that identify and mitigate the choke points in your study’s recruitment.

Our evidence-based patient accrual and retention strategies delve into the clinical treatment processes nationally, regionally and locally to craft site-specific subject recruitment & retention plans that produce results.

Engaging ClinDev Global’s patient recruitment team early in your study design and planning process can lead to:

  • Early identification of potential recruitment barriers;
  • Fewer protocol amendments; and,
  • Significant time and cost savings.

The net result: we accelerate your clinical trials.


ClinDev Global maintains a proprietary database of underrepresented populations who are willing to participate in clinical trials.

Accessing this database can:

  • Provide a much more representative subject sample; and,
  • Boost recruitment for your slow-enrolling trials.

Additionally, our investigator database specifically identifies investigators that have large diverse patient pools.

Both databases have rich metadata upon which custom searches can searches can be made. Search results can be used to identify subjects and patients.

Big data analytics can be employed to support study feasibility activities.

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