Data Monitoring Committee Support

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Data Monitoring Committee Support

ClinDev Global can offer independent support for your Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) and ensure that Sponsor personnel remain masked.
Our support services include:

  • Development of the DMC charter;
  • Identification and recruitment of DMC members;
  • Act as independent biostatistician on DMC;
  • Management of DMC member payments;
  • Provision of administrative support;
  • Provision of DMC meeting attendance and statistical support;
  • Preparation and distribution of DMC reports;
  • Coordination of DMC communications; and,
  • Creation of minutes of the open and closed sessions of the DMC.

Allow ClinDev Global to ensure that your Data Monitoring Committee is and remains FDA-compliant… permitting your DMC to provide the necessary oversight to guard the scientific integrity and ethical conduct of your pharmaceutical and medical device clinical trials.

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